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Glow engine OS MAX-95AX


 Two-stroke engines OS MAX AX is the latest range of high-performance powertrain designed especially for sport and aerobatic airplane models. Perfectly sophisticated design guarantees high performance and long life. Futuristic hexagonal shaped cylinder head with large cooling fins provide excellent cooling and delivering higher performance at the same installation dimensions, as had a number of classic FX. This allows you to benefit from a huge variety of kits and models designed plans in recent decades, two-stroke engine OS MAX power supply or "boost" your existing model driven "ef-ixkou"!

MAX 95AX Ring is a high performance two-stroke engine with glow plug classical design with a piston with a piston ring and crankshaft mounted on a pair of ball bearings designed for sports and competitive sports aerobatic models of all kinds. It is fitted with type 61C dvoujehlovým carburetor main needle oriented obliquely backward for safer setting with the engine running. In the basic configuration it comes also highly effective expansion muffler type E-4040 (Power Box). Exhaust neck orientation can be changed by rotating the rear shock absorber 90 ° steps.

  • The same mounting dimensions as the OS MAX 61FX, 91FX and 75AX.
  • The crankshaft has a thread for propeller nut UNF 5/16 to 24
  • Suggested propeller dimensions: Running: 14x8 "/ Sport and Aerobatic: 14x8" 15x6 ", 15x8, 16x6" 16x8 "
  • Recommended fuel tank: 450-500 ml; 450 ml tank lasts for 12-13 minutes earobatics provided they still do not fly at full throttle.
  • Recommended fuel: at least 18% castor or synthetic oil (or. A mixture of synthetic and castor oil), 5-20% nitromethane.
  • Recommended Plug: OS MAX No.8, when using fuel with a higher content of nitromethane OS MAX No. 10 (formerly A5).

Set engine includes: motor MAX 95AX Ring with RC 61C carburetor, muffler type E-4040 extension kit main needles glow plug No. 8, instruction manual.

Displacement [cc] 15.55
Number of cylinders 1
Bore [mm] 27.5
Stroke [mm] 25.8
Operating speed [rpm] 2000-16000
Motor Power (at 15,000 rpm) [kW] 2.13
Power (at 15,000 rpm) [HP] 2.9
Weight (motor) [g] 567
Weight (silencer) [g] 178
Recommended tank volume [ml] 450-500
Recommended candle OS MAX No.8, No. 10 (A5)
Propeller nut thread UNF 5 / 16-24


Cylinder [cc]


Bore [mm]


Stroke [mm]


Power [HP/rpm]


Range [rpm]

2000 – 17500

Weighr [g]

500 (with muffler)

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