OS FS-81
OS FS-81
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OS FS-81
OS FS-81

OS FS-81

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OS FS-81


FS Series (Alpha) represents a new generation of four-stroke engines OS with the valve gear. Compared with the previous engines FS-Surpass feature higher performance while maintaining the same installation dimensions, which allows you to seamlessly benefit from a variety of kits and building plans and models of aircraft designed for OS engines in recent decades.

  • The new system eliminates the need for lubrication crankcase ventilation, eliminating the overflow tube common in previous generations of engines.
  • New Type 61.RTM Two needle carburetor with a pressure regulator and fuel pump PD-08 provides stable and regular operation throughout the rev range and easy adjustment. Suction branch is provided with a sleeve shaped like a Venturi tube, reducing fuel leakage into the space of the cowling, positively influencing the intake air flow and limiting the noise produced by suction.
  • The new silencer with bigger volume and settings back of the neck with an exhaust in the desired direction provides an effective damping of the engine and gives a deep mellow sound.

FS(alfa)-81-P is a four-stroke engine with a valve gear designed for model aircraft of all kinds, especially suitable for RC mock. It is equipped with a carburetor type dvoujehlovým 61.RTM with a pressure regulator and a fuel pump PD-08th In the basic configuration also comes an expansion muffler types of F-5030th Exhaust neck orientation can be changed by rotating the rear shock absorber 360 °, the orientation of the shock absorber and the distance between the cylinder head and the damper can be adjusted through threaded přechodce.

  • The crankshaft has a thread for propeller nut UNF 5 / 16-24, in the motor assembly is supplied with a set of lock nuts OS for reliable fastening of the propeller.
  • Suggested propeller dimensions: Sport and Acrobat / Dummy: 13x7-9 "14x6 ~ 7"
  • Recommended fuel tank: 320-400 ml; 320 ml tank lasts for about 14 minutes of flight, provided that still do not fly at full throttle. < / Li>
  • Recommended fuel: at least 18% castor or synthetic oil, 5-20% nitromethane.
  • Recommended Plug: OS MAX type F.

Set engine includes: motor FS(alfa) -81-P with RC carburetor 61.RTM with a pressure regulator and fuel pump PD-08 muffler F-5030 manual.

Cylinder [cc]


Bore [mm]


Stroke [mm]


Power [kW/rpm]


Range [rpm]

2200 – 10000

Weight [g] (with muffler)


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